August 26-29 Hilton Americas Houston Hotel


About LIFE

LIFE is highly regarded as the oil and gas industry’s digital technology event of the year, where diverse thought leaders, industry partners, and peers come together to discuss key insights and breakthroughs that are transforming our industry.

Attend LIFE2019 to deepen your understanding of the industry’s technological advances and to learn how these innovations can enable your company to unlock “Infinite Possibilities” for the future. Innovative digital technology is dramatically changing the energy industry and we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what will be possible – because what we’ll be able to do tomorrow isn’t limited to what we know today. With the industry’s shift in mindset toward digital technology, Halliburton Landmark and its customers are working together to build a strong foundation that will empower infinite possibilities for the future.


Attendee Testimonials

"Now I can see open mind leaders in comparison to a few yeas ago. Most inspirational meeting I've attended in years."
"LIFE transformed not only our view of Halliburton Landmark, but our approach to the industry in general."
"Eye-opening - I'm questioning everything we are doing."